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Intellectual Property

Our firm provides advises local and international clients on intellectual property law of Nepal.

Our practice focuses on trademark, patents and copyright. Currently, intellectual property cases are growing in Nepal, a trend that has two causes, firstly, the previous lack of knowledge about intellectual property law, and secondly, the growing knowledge of it. This has given rise to increased registration by domestic and international companies, and litigation by victims of intellectual property infringement.

We provide specialist services for trademark registration in Nepal for our national and international clients. Our firm has completed multiple registration and filings on behalf of such clients.

We provide the following services:

  • Trademark Registration and Filing
  • Patent Registration and Filing
  • Licensing
  • Infringement Litigation

Since Nepalese society is increasingly realising the value of intellectual property, and protection of intellectual property is also mandated by the World Trade Organisation, which Nepal is a member of, intellectual property law is in the process of reform. We can also provide valuable assistance to our clients on these issues, and inform them how their rights and obligations will change after such transformation.

If you need further information regarding intellectual property law, infringement litigation or registration of trademarks in Nepal, please contact us at info@neupanelegal.com

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